Who Is the Smartest, Importantest, Eruditest Professor on Campus?

He’s blogging. He runs a video series. Poppin’ up in the newspapers. Peer-review and beer reviews. He no longer even knows what discipline is his own. At present, his agent is negotiating a series with Showtime, pioneering the genre of soft-core, reality television/academic porn (working title: The Full Professor).

Why Your Last Hire Was a Freakin’ Disaster

I have come to the conclusion that this is more or less the norm in academe. For every 10 hires, I would estimate, 2.2 are ultimately “keepers”; three are “indiscretions”; as regards the other 4.5, well, the less said the better. (As for the remaining three-tenths, they failed to apprise you of their actual visa status and never made it back to the States).

Professorial Drunkenness: Dos and Don’ts

About 40 years ago, at a New Year’s party for a group of doctors and residents, my father and his colleagues became so preposterously irrigated that they decided it would be a great idea to burn down their own hospital.

Q and A: Academe’s Perennial Freak Show

The accumulated wisdom of a hundred academic generations comprising millions of professors has not managed to figure out how to permit an intelligent, succinct, coherent, and cordial exchange of ideas to take place after a scholarly presentation.

My 6-Year-Old Son Takes Ballet—You Got a F#$%^$#@ Problem With That?

Luckily, as often happens in our country, a possible lack of talent is no impediment to male advancement. See, when it comes to ballet, boys are “the diversity.”


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